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Long after the NFL cut ties with Greg Hardy Carolina Panthers Customized Jerseys , the UFC (with help from corporate partner ESPN) is attempting to turn him into a cage fighting star. On Saturday night he got his first official win.The win was a flimsy excuse for a “fight,” as the UFC fed Hardy a newcomer named Dmitrii Smoliakov, a “fighter” who had no business in the Octagon. Hardy destroyed Smoliakov less than halfway into the first round, and the story of the fight was less that Hardy looked good than that Smoliakov looked bad — not to mention that the UFC looked bad for giving Hardy such an easy win.Smoliakov appeared to be stepping into the cage with Hardy just to cash a paycheck and get out of there as soon as possible. The commentator on the broadcast of the fight, former UFC champion Dominick Cruz, succinctly described the fight by saying that Smoliakov “doesn’t want to show up and fight this guy.”The UFC apparently thinks Hardy’s notoriety from his NFL days makes him a potentially lucrative draw. But if the UFC wants to get into the Greg Hardy business at all, the organization could at least give him a worthy opponent. Hardy has now had two official UFC fights, and both times the UFC gave him an easy opponent: Last time Carolina Panthers T-Shirts , Hardy fought a man who was coming off an ugly first-round knockout loss, and Hardy should have won easily but instead lost by disqualification when he illegally kneed his opponent in the head. This time, Hardy fought a man who quite clearly didn’t want to fight.If the UFC is going to keep inviting Hardy into the Octagon, it could at least match him up with someone who has previously won a UFC fight and might give him a challenge. Feeding overmatched opponents to Hardy is just gross.But the better question is why Hardy is in the Octagon at all. The NFL has taken plenty of warranted criticism for its handling of domestic violence, but even the NFL’s 32 teams all eventually decided they were done with Hardy. The UFC is not only still supporting him, but is bending over backward to help him win easy fights. It took a while, but Kyle Shanahan finally got receiver Emmanuel Sanders on his team.The 49ers coach explained to reporters on Wednesday that he had been eyeing the team’s latest addition for the better part of a decade.“Emmanuel’s been a guy I know I’ve personally wanted since probably the last eight years, since he became a free agent at Pittsburgh https://www.carolinapanthersfanshop.com/hats ,” Shanahan said. “Huge fan of him coming out of the draft and everything he’s done since. We were looking into all possibilities, we didn’t know if any of them would go through. . . . I have felt less urgency than we have in year’s past. I feel good about our group, but we do have a better team right now and we were able to make it better [Tuesday] and pumped he’s here.”Shanahan said he “really liked” the game film generated by Sanders over the past five or six games. Shanahan also really likes the flexibility Sanders brings to the offense.“He’s got the ability to do all three of them,” Shanahan said regarding the receiver positions. “Wherever we fit him in, we’ve got kind of an idea, but we’ll settle that on Sunday. Regardless of wherever we lock him in what position, he’s a guy who can play outside, can play inside Carolina Panthers Hoodie , can play to the tight end, can play on the open edge. He can do it all.”He’ll need to do plenty to get ready for Sunday. Sanders is working with former Broncos teammate Wes Welker, now the receivers coach in San Fran, and former NFL receiver/quality control coach Miles Austin to prepare. The new offense that the Broncos were running will help, since offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello has ties to Shanahan and his system. Regardless of verbiage and play design, Shanahan knows Sanders has the skills.“I think he’s always been very good at separating,” Shanahan said. “He’s wired in a certain way where he can get downfield, he also can break you off inside. Not the biggest guy Russell Color Rush Shepard Jersey , but he plays big. He’s hard to get your hands on. He can push through things and he plays very aggressive. The game is not too big for him. He can go over the middle and not flinch. He catches the ball and gets up the field hard. He’s a very good football player plus still a very good talent also.”He’s a very good talent with a very short period of time before becoming a free agent. Shanahan nevertheless didn’t hesitate to give up a third-round pick and a fourth-round pick to get Sanders and a fifth-round pick from Denver for a guy in the last year of his contract.“It always gives you pause when it comes to draft picks and everything,” Shanahan said. “But we feel he’s a guy who can come in and help us a lot this year and we’ll see where it goes for him after that. We’re very well aware that he’ll be a free agent at the end of this year and we’ll see how this year goes and hopefully we’ll be able to keep him here. . . . [G]iving up a third-round pick, hopefully that fourth-round pick won’t be much different between Denver and us and what that fifth-round pick is. With that being said, we felt good about it because we know the type of player we got and we know how much he can help us.”Whatever happens in 2020, the move makes the 49ers a better team in 2019. Whether that makes them good enough to continue to win once the schedule stiffens is something that will play out in the coming weeks.

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