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ESPN rounds up all the reaction from up and down the Suzuka paddock following Friday practice for the 2016 Japanese Grand Prix.MercedesLewis Hamilton:?Its been a really good day with no problems on the car which is great. We managed to get plenty of laps in but theres still some work to be done overnight in order to find more pace. Thats a work in progress and hopefully well be going into Sunday in good shape. Its great to be here in Japan and Im excited to get out on track again for qualifying tomorrow.Nico Rosberg:?Its been a case of finding my way today. It began with quite a lot of under-steer and we had to work through the setup in order to find a better balance on the car. In the afternoon, the medium tyre didnt seem as strong as the hard as we saw in Malaysia. However, on the soft tyre we showed strong one-lap pace, the balance felt good and the track was really exciting to drive. It looks like were ahead of the Ferraris but it remains to be seen as to where we are compared to the Red Bulls.Paddy Lowe, Executive Director (Technical):?Its great to be back here at this fantastic circuit with all the amazing and enthusiastic fans at every turn. It was nice to get some dry weather which we didnt get last year and it allowed us to run through our programme and execute to plan, looking at all three tyres on both single and long-run pace. At this stage, our strategy for Sunday still remains wide open and we need to go through all the data overnight in order to start making plans for the race.FerrariSebastian Vettel:?Overall,l I am not entirely happy with the balance of the car today, but I am sure this is something we can work on. I didnt try the Medium compound, we focused more on the Soft tyre in the morning, and on the very Hard tyre in the afternoon. We tried to do our homework, but the balance is not there yet. We will now need to look at the data and see where we are, also compared to the others.Ideally you would always love to have more grip around here, because it feels fantastic if you do, but I am sure we can tune the balance and distribute the grip a bit better, so that we will be in a better shape tomorrow. As for race expectations, a podium finish is always possible, there might even be rain at some point. It sure doesnt help if you start further at the back (because of the grid penalty), but overtaking is possible, even if it is not so easy.Kimi Raikkonen:?It was one of those days that seem a bit tricky but in the end go for better. My feeling with the car was not very nice, I suffered a lot with understeer and I was struggling with the balance through the first sector, but the lap time was ok . In the end we got a bit better, but we are not still where we want to be. In the second session I had a small electric issue, likely with a sensor, but we changed it and it was ok. Tomorrow is another day, well try to work on small things to try to improve. If we get the car where we want and with a better feeling for sure we can go quite a bit faster.WilliamsValtteri Bottas:?I think it was a pretty straightforward Friday. We got everything done that we had planned and there were no big issues. Balance-wise, Im already pleased with the car but we still need to focus on tyre performance. I think getting more performance out of the soft tyre over one lap is the key, and then on the long runs we need to get both of the compounds working at 100%.Felipe Massa:?It was a normal Friday. We were mostly just trying to understand the tyres, the different aspects of the car and doing the long runs. I think we need to analyse where we are compared to our competitors tonight because this weekend is going to be another fight, but I hope we can have a good one.Rob Smedley, Head of Performance Engineering:?It was a fairly normal Friday for us and we completed most of the work that we needed to in FP1 and FP2. We tested different suspension geometries and aerodynamic components, which well have to analyse tonight, but everything looked reasonably good. In the afternoon we concentrated on the balance of the car and tyre performance, and it all went smoothly. Everything looks good on both low and high fuel runs so I think we are in our normal position, maybe a little bit further forward. The weekend has started quite well.Red BullDaniel Ricciardo:?Its good to be back at this circuit, I really like this place. We had a pretty good day today and a positive afternoon. We made some improvements from this morning and the lap we had to abort because of the Virtual Safety Car looked to be in the 32s which was close to Kimis time. Our long run pace towards the end of FP2 on the hard tyre looked pretty solid as well.If we can hook the car up for quali, we can be close to Mercedes and probably be ahead of the Ferraris, we can definitely squeeze a bit more out of the car tomorrow. There have been improvements from our side and the Ferraris so we expect the rest of the season to be tighter. If it rains for quali, it wont hurt us and we might even be able to get on the front row. Im ready either way, this place is fun in both wet and dry conditions.Max Verstappen:?I think this has been one of the strongest Fridays so far. Everything seemed to work quite well, car set-up was good and we looked quick on both tyres today, even on the Hard. We were hampered by the Virtual Safety Car on our short runs so the tyres lost a bit of temperature, this meant we didnt show our full potential.After Malaysia we are looking for another good result, this track should suit us and we are close to the top guys at the moment. Ferrari are in the mix, short runs look ok but Im not sure how their long ones are going, Im hoping we can handle them though. There are talks of rain for later in the weekend which for us I think will play into our hands, we cant be sure but if it comes I think we can be even stronger in qualifying and the race.Force IndiaNico Hulkenberg:?Theres not a huge amount to say really because it was a routine, standard day of practice. We just worked through the run plan with no dramas and collected all the information on the different tyre compounds. We looked competitive, but its only practice, so I would expect much tighter margins tomorrow when we get to qualifying. Im feeling positive, though, because weve started well and Im already pretty happy with the car balance.Sergio Perez:?Its looking like a promising weekend based on our performance today. Of course, the track conditions were very good and you never know what the rest of the weekend will bring, but today everything was working well. We looked quite competitive in most conditions -- on high and low fuel -- and on all the tyre compounds. The set-up of the car was very good from the start of the day and weve not moved far away from this.Robert Fernley, Deputy Team Principal:?Its been a pretty straightforward and satisfying day of practice. The team achieved the objectives of the run plan, which included some test items split between the two cars. It was encouraging to see that our baseline set-up was not too far away from ideal and both drivers were pretty content with the feel of their cars by the end of the afternoon.Track conditions were very good today with relatively consistent track temperatures and very little wind to upset the cars. The programme included the usual combination of performance runs and long runs across the three tyre compounds, which means we have plenty of information to help our decisions overnight.RenaultJolyon Palmer:?It was a shame to lose time in Free Practice 1 this morning as Id never properly driven here before. In contrast, everything was good in the afternoon and theres more pace in the car than my lap time showed. Its quite a technical circuit so I need to get the sequences just right, which is something to work on tomorrow. Otherwise, it feels as though we have a similar pace to that we had in Malaysia at this point. It bodes well for the rest of the weekend.Kevin Magnussen:?We completed a lot of running today and it went pretty well. I ended the day fifteenth fastest, which is always nice to see but its only Friday and a bit too early to draw any conclusions. The car feels good; we have a bit of work to do now to get ready for tomorrows qualifying but things so far are encouraging.Bob Bell, Chief Technical Officer:?We got through most of the programme today despite losing time on Jolyons car with an electrical problem. It cut his session short during FP1 and lost us time normally used for information-gathering, but we recovered well in the afternoon and got what we needed in terms of data for qualifying and the race. It wasnt the best start to the weekend but we have a good idea on what we need to do over the next two days. The balance of the car is reasonably strong and I think that we will be able to maintain the level of progress we have seen in the last few races.Toro RossoDaniil Kvyat:?It was a decent Friday, we did a good job. My running was slightly compromised in FP2, but we know that in tomorrows FP3 we will be back to normal and we will see where we are compared to the others. Weve collected plenty of data regarding the tyres, which is what we wanted, and we now have enough information to analyse tonight. Considering what happened today. I will definitely go for some octopus sushi for dinner tonight!Carlos Sainz:?A challenging day -- obviously a track like Suzuka is always defiant regarding the set-up and driver, but Ive definitely enjoyed it a lot out there today. Driving here is one of the most exciting weekends of the year for me -- ?I really enjoy every single lap, it doesnt matter if its during a short run or a long run, its just fantastic!Im happy with today. Weve been able to complete plenty of laps without any problems and, from a performance point of view, I think its looking very similar to Malaysia: we look good on Friday, but we know it wont be easy to do the same all weekend long -- finishing today in the top ten is very nice and well do our best to maximize the potential of the car during the rest of the weekend.Phil Charles, Chief Race Engineer:?I am quite pleased as we have ticked off most, if not all, of our program targets today. Some aero work first thing in the morning and some decent tyre data on long runs this afternoon. In terms of our performance I think we are ok -- it is a very tight midfield here and we know our now customary straight line speed deficit is a hindrance.However, the first sector is complementary to our package as we enjoy high speed sweepy cornering. We do have a little bit more work to do in sector 2 tonight though. Daniil had a gearbox issue on his car at the end of FP1. The mechanics managed to change the gearbox in time, but we were not able to maximize the set up for FP2. Hopefully, we can uncover a bit more performance in the setup and drivers in sector 2 tomorrow.?Other highlights of the weekend so far for me have been how passionate and creative the Japanese fans are here and secondly the return of Daniils octopus that you might have heard him talking about on the radio in P1. ?This is actually something which has visited him before in a race in 2014. It gave quite a high level of confusion back then when he said there is an octopus on the front of the car. It was only after the race that we truly understood what he was talking about - a collection of long and thin tyre rubber marbles had gathered on the aerial on top of the cockpit in front of him.SauberFelipe Nasr:?It has been a productive day here in Suzuka. FP1 was mainly about testing different set-ups in order to get a better read for the balance of the car. In the afternoon we concentrated on short and long runs on different tyre compounds for qualifying as well as race preparation. Now we have to analyse the data collected, so that we can find improvements for the rest of the weekend.Marcus Ericsson:?It has been a decent day. In the morning we tried different configurations on the aerodynamic side, which we have to evaluate more in-depth. Later on in FP2, I was a bit unlucky with the yellow flags, so it was difficult to get a feeling for the car on low fuel. The long run on medium tyres felt ok, but we need to have a closer look at the data.McLarenFernando Alonso: Its been a tough day, generally. Our most important objective for this afternoon was to understand the compounds across the length of a long-run, and we did that. Nonetheless, were not yet happy with the set-up and we need to do some more work this evening. Were still investigating the cause of this mornings spin -- it looks like there were some aerodynamic issues with the rear wing.Luckily, we didnt damage the car and could continue running until the end of FP1. We need to find something extra tonight -- lets just hope it doesnt rain in FP3 tomorrow as we need to understand the changes we make tonight ahead of qualifying and the race. Getting into Q3 could be quite difficult now.Jenson Button:?On single-lap pace, the car doesnt actually look too bad -- I just didnt get a great lap this afternoon. But if we can get a good lap together -- which well hopefully do tomorrow -- we may be able to get into the top 10. However, our long-run pace is more of an issue -- and thats something we need to solve as its usually a forte of mine, and it wasnt today.The degradation is significant, were some way off, and were looking into the reasons why. I think theres something not quite right, as opposed to there being a set-up issue; but hopefully we can fix it by tomorrow. Id love it to rain -- that would help us have a chance of a good result here.Eric Boullier, McLaren-Honda Racing Director:Its always fantastic to arrive at Suzuka: the colour, the fans, the banners, the gifts, they all add up to making the experience special every single time. This year is no different, and its been extremely encouraging to see the rising number of people wearing McLaren-Honda caps and T-shirts in the grandstands today.Turning our attention to the racetrack itself, Fernando suffered a small off during the mornings session -- an unexpected lack of grip between the two Spoon corners caused him to lose the rear end and skim the barriers. Fortunately, the damage was minimal -- just a broken rear-wing end-plate -- and caused minimal delay. In the afternoon, both drivers worked hard to improve balance and driveability. While not completely successful, the changes enabled us to make progress, and we go into the evening looking to improve our cars set-up further ahead of tomorrows qualifying session.Yusuke Hasegawa, Honda R&D Co Ltd Head of F1 Project & Executive Chief Engineer:?The fans here at Suzuka have given us such a warm welcome, and I am very happy to be back at our home race in Japan. As usual, its tricky to know where we stand after Friday running because of the changeable track conditions during the weekend, and the testing of various set-ups on both cars.Fernando was happier with his balance and we were able to run stable lap times, so we can say that he had a fairly decent Fridays running. Jenson was less satisfied, especially with the tyre conditions, but his time gap to Fernando was not so off, so we are expecting him to improve during tomorrows running.ManorEsteban Ocon:?I love everything about the fans, the track and Japan in general. I thought I might, but now Im here I cant get enough of the place. I really enjoyed my first day of practice here; its a really technical and demanding track. I love chicanes in general and these are pretty quick, so Im really enjoying driving them.Weve tried a few different things on set-up and I think weve ended up in a good place as far as direction for tomorrow goes. Our long pace looks promising. Theres still some work to do on our qualifying pace, but Im optimistic that we can have a good fight on Sunday.Pascal Wehrlein:?Ive been really looking forward to getting out on track here. Its not an easy circuit to master but Im quite happy so far and I have a much better feeling with the car than the last race. We seem to have made some progress, which is good. Its an awesome track to drive; a fantastic challenge and some fun corners.Im feeling pretty positive about it, even though its not one of the most well-suited for our car. The most important thing is that weve found a good set-up and weve improved step-by-step through the two sessions. Im also certain that we can squeeze a few drops more from the car in FP3 and be better for qualifying. So with a good run at tomorrow morning, it can go well for us here, I hope.Dave Ryan, Racing Director:?A reasonably good start to our weekend here in Suzuka. Pascal and Esteban seem to have got to grips with this track quite well and are enjoying it, plus theyre responding well to the steps weve taken to improve the car since Sepang. It wasnt all plain sailing today; there are a few things we need to work on. But looking at the big picture, we seem to have made some progress since Malaysia and thats good to see.HaasEsteban Gutierrez:?It was quite a tricky day. Weve been trying to experiment a little bit, trying to find the best compromise in every area of the car. We now have a pretty good idea. We tested a few things so we can get ready for tomorrow. Unfortunately, we ended up with a failure in the afternoon, but this will not harm us in continuing our program for Saturday and our focus on qualifying.Romain Grosjean:?First off, this is always a great track to drive. We have a lot of fun around here. Clearly, we had some issues with the brakes today, which didnt make our life easy, but eventually we worked our way around it. We still have a lot of work to do tonight trying to balance the car. Its one of those tracks where the timing is very tight. Two tenths of a second can make a big difference. Lets hope we find those.Guenther Steiner, Team Principal:?In general we had a good testing session. In FP1 though, Romain had an issue with his brakes. He went long and into the barrier and broke his front wing. Nothing else was damaged, so that was a straightforward fix with a change of front wing. We obviously lost a bit of time. In FP2, Romains car was flawless but Esteban had a problem.We had an issue with the turbocharger, which were still investigating why and where it came from. We had to stop his session as he was stranded out on the track. With the rest we learned quite a bit. We still have to work on the setup for tomorrow and the balance of the car, but were not looking too bad.PirelliPaul Hembery, Pirelli Motorsport Director:?The drivers experienced quite slippery conditions at the beginning of free practice. This improved as more rubber was laid on the surface. Continuing the pattern that we have seen frequently this season, last years pole time was already beaten in FP1, but with rain due tomorrow, we are likely to see a different type of challenge in qualifying. Today there was a lot of work on the hard compound, which seems to be a very good race tyre in these conditions. However if we experience cooler conditions on Sunday, then the track could swing back towards the medium compound. Juan Thornhill Jersey . Barcelonas entertaining victory ensured the defending Spanish champions retained their share of the league lead with Atletico Madrid two rounds ahead of their meeting in the capital. Real Madrid needed a late goal by substitute Jese Rodriguez to earn a 3-2 victory at Valencia to stay in third place and three points behind its title rivals. Travis Kelce Chiefs Jersey . -- New England Revolution goalkeeper Matt Reis is retiring after a 16-year career to become the goalie coach for the Los Angeles Galaxy. http://www.prochiefsauthentic.com/Youth-Larry-Johnson-Elite-Jersey/ .5 million, one-year contract on Friday. Hawkins, who turns 41 in December, will compete with Rex Brothers for the closers role at spring training. Joe Montana Womens Jersey . - Oakland Raiders running back Rashad Jennings was speaking to a group of local high school students earlier this week when the conversation turned to the importance of being prepared when opportunities in life arise. Khalen Saunders Jersey . Lack made 20 saves for his third shutout of the season as the Canucks blanked the St. Louis Blues 1-0 in the first post-Olympic game for both teams night. TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Even Nick Saban sometimes has to deliver an I told you so to his team, along with a few other choice words.No. 1 Alabamas slow-starting 31-3 victory over FCS team Chattanooga on Saturday night was one of those times.Jalen Hurts passed for three touchdowns and rushed for 68 yards, but the Crimson Tide (11-0) spotted the Mocs (8-3) the games first three points and didnt really shake them until late in the third quarter. The defense had a more Bama-like performance, and hasnt given up a touchdown in 13 quarters.Sabans halftime message after a week of trying to get his players to take Chattanooga seriously: I said, `Do you believe me now?Id been telling them all week, Saban said. The rest wed better bleep out.Hurts was 15 of 21 for 136 yards a week after torching Mississippi State for 347 yards. He had a 47-yard TD pass to Calvin Ridley and added two 1-yarders to Gehrig Dieter, including one in the final minutes that made the score look a little closer to what most expected. Hurts set Alabamas single-season record for rushing yards by a quarterback.Damien Harris rushed for 91 yards and a touchdown and Ridley gained 94 yards on seven catches.Alabama wide receiver ArDarius Stewart did not play in the game, and Saban indicated he was held out because sometimes we have players that have a violation of our standard of behavior.It was a milestone win for Saban, whose 41-5 record as the No. 1 team gives him the most of any coach. He had been tied with Ohio States Woody Hayes (40-4-1) and Florida States Bobby Bowden (40-5).This one came after a string of more impressive performances against Southeastern Conference opponents.I worried about it all week long, Saban said. When youre playing conference games every week and youre playing big games every week, its really hard to get guys not to have a letdown.Chattanoogas first-quarter field goal put Alabama behind for the first time since Kentucky scored the first three points on Oct. 1. The Mocs trailed just 14-3 until deep into the third quarter before Harris raced 25 yards for a touchdown.ddddddddddddAlejandro Bennifield completed 16 of 21 passes for 106 yards for the Mocs, who sacked Hurts three times.I remember playing them here in 2013 and barely recording a first down, Chattanooga coach Russ Huesman said. They have got a really good football team, and they probably slept walked coming into this game. I am not trying to think that they were all jacked up to play Chattanooga, but our guys were pretty excited to play, and I am awful proud of them.Alabama wasnt exactly pushing the Mocs around early. Chattanooga stopped two runs from the 1-yard line in the second quarter before Hurts rolled right on fourth down and hit Dieter in the end zone for a 14-3 lead.That was set up by a muffed punt at the 9.I guess we just underestimated them, Ridley said.THE TAKEAWAYChattanooga: Was almost even in total yards with Alabama midway through the third quarter. Didnt allow a sack to a defense that came in with the most in the nation.Alabama: It was probably the least impressive performance of the season, considering what `Bama is expected to do to FCS teams. Left tackle Cam Robinson and backup Korren Kirven, who started at right guard, both left late with shoulder injuries. Saban expects them to be able to play in the Iron Bowl.POLL IMPLICATIONSChattanooga: Came in ranked No. 11 in the FCS coaches poll and shouldnt be judged much for this one.Alabama: Still a lock to be No. 1 in the AP poll and playoff rankings, especially with teams behind Tide struggling.UP NEXTChattanooga: Finished the regular season and awaits its playoff fate.Alabama: Hosts Auburn in the Iron Bowl seeking a third straight win over its in-state rival.---More AP college football: www.collegefootball.ap.org and https://twitter.com/AP-Top25 ' ' '

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